RESOURCES: Male Massage Exchange (MMX NYC)

My friend Jeff Vilensky is a professional entrepreneur and an enthusiastic connoisseur of bodywork, so he has combined these elements to create MMX NYC, Massage Exchange for Muscular Men. At its headquarters on 14th Street, MMX has cultivated a community of like-minded men through its facilitated evenings of training and massage exchange.

As the organization’s website explains, “MMX exists to teach us The Power of Touch.  To learn about bodywork, explore, learn, connect and have fun with other guys in a great environment and setting. We ask that you bring your friendly, open, and curious self. We are proud of our 2,000 plus and growing membership of fit, healthy, diverse, attitude-free, friendly guys who give great Touch.”

I will be teaching some classes at MMX in the near future. Classes are open to MMX members, and membership is free with online registration. Check it out here and let me know what you think.