THE PARADOX OF PORN: Alphatribe interview

My book The Paradox of Porn: Notes on Gay Male Sexual Culture continues to attract favorable media coverage over time and across the globe. The April-May-June issue of Alphatribe, the slick magazine published in Belgium for the international gay-male kink/leather/fetish community, features an interview with me conducted by Mark Boyd, who writes:

“The Paradox of Porn is a unique book, an essential reflection on porn and gay male sexuality that any kinkster or fetishist will gain from. While writers like Jack Rinella and John Preston have given the scene how-to guides on being an effective master or a willing sub, Shewey’s work evokes the writings of philosophers like Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes who use a style of thinking out loud in fragments in order to get to the heart of the matter. And there is a definite need for this in understanding gay porn.”

You can read the whole article online here, bearing in mind that the magazine’s website is distinctly NSFW.

alphatribe interview 1