THE PARADOX OF PORN: penis dimensions


Perception: the more I look at porn, the smaller I think my dick is.

Reality: “While most models are presented in poses that make them appear to be massive brutes, most of them are really, really short. There’s a reason for it. While gay male mythology makes a great deal of noise about various cock sizes and the ways you’re supposed to be able to discern them — big feet, big ears, et al — the truth is that most dicks are about the same length and width. There are variations but, for the most part, the differences between various dicks are slight. Thus, if you have a perfectly average penis on a very short man, it looks huge. But the same cock on a very tall man, and it will look small. The munchkins win out in the model sweepstake. Knowing all this makes it difficult to believe that the mean-looking biker on the cover of Drummer is really anything more than a gym bunny who stands only as tall as my tits.” — John Preston, My Life as a Pornographer

Man measuring his penis size