EVENTS: Rowe Labor Day

I’ve heard about the Labor Day gathering for gay men in Rowe, MA, for many years but have never attended. This year, that changes. My friend Ben Seaman, who organizes the weekend with Andrew Plummer, asked me to bring my body-and-soul teachings to Rowe this year, and we will be joined by Ray Riglioso, who conducts a retreat called Gay Men of Wisdom.

From the website: “Now in its 28th year this Labor Day Retreat is one of the longest standing gay, bisexual, and questioning men’s gatherings in the United States. For new participants, Rowe is a safe place to explore coming out, to spread your wings, and to make real friends. For those returning, Rowe offers a real connection with men who value spirituality and personal maturity. This nourishing experience offers a bridge to a more connected view of the gay community and the world. See and feel beauty in yourself and in other men. Expect the unexpected.

rowe 2

“Rowe is a place of transformation, providing emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual experiences. You will feel welcomed and whole; you will laugh and you may shed some tears of release. Workshops led by experienced teachers will explore relationships, body work, art, dating, theater, singing, meditation, spirituality, movement, and much more. There will be gift-giving, ritual, play, and delicious home-cooked meals.”

For more information and registration, click here.

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