RESOURCES: Joseph Kramer’s Orgasmic Yoga

Joseph Kramer, who founded the world-changing Body Electric School in the late 1980s, currently spends his time cultivating and educating erotic explorers with his New School of Erotic Touch and an ongoing online program called the Orgasmic Yoga Institute. Kramer’s school and institute are generous with free samples. This week’s “erotic practice” video, “Stand Up To Jam,” focuses on healthy porn-watching.

“Healthier porn watching begins with a very simple but transformative practice: Stand up and move while watching porn. Don’t be a couch potato wanker,” Kramer writes. “Many people forget their own bodies while watching porn. Raising the viewing screen is a simple strategy that assists the porn lover to enliven the body. Standing while masturbating encourages movement. Stand to Jam circulates sexual energy throughout the body and enables deeper full-bodied pleasure. This simple practice of standing and moving will immediately help you change how you masturbate.”

Check out the video, and the Orgasmic Yoga Institute’s site, and let me know what you think.

stand to jam

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